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Thursday, October 07, 2004

10/7: The ever-present deeper meaning

For today Prof Sexson asked us to write a little using quotations... such as when people are talking and the make the quotation gestures with their fingers suggesting an alternative meaning deeper than the superficial. I really got a kick out of this class discussion today.

Next week we have a "quiz" in English 300.
Next week there will be a big, fat, ugly, menacing test and if you blow it your life is over. But maybe if I call it a quiz you'll still give me a nice teacher evaluation.

I did not have "sexual" relations with that woman.
Of course I did! But you can't touch me - I'm the president... What's that you say, I'm under oath???

Yes I "did" all of today's assigned reading.
Real meaning - are you kidding me? I "skimmed" it, I read the first and last sentence of every other paragraph on every third page... after I got home from the bar. If I read one more page of Aristotle my eyes will permanently cross.

I'm late because I had a "flat tire."
I'm late because last night I had 18 Fat Tires.

I "respectfully" disagree.
You're a raging liberal, go hug a tree.

I "respectfully" disagree.
You're a power-hungry Republican, why don't you hop in your SUV and kill the rainforest.

Disclaimer: I would like to note that I have "never" used any of the above excuses.


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