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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

9/21: The sublime

Quote of the day:

(from On Sublimity) "All human affairs are, in the nature of things, better known on their worse side; the memory of mistakes is ineffaceable, that goodness is soon gone." -Longinus

(from On Sublimity) "The universe therefore is not wide enough for the range of human speculation and intellect. OUr thoughts often travel beyond the boundaries of our surroundings. If anyone wants to know what we were born for, let him look round at life and contemplate the splendour, grandeur, and beauty in which it everywhere abounds." -Longinus

(from On Sublimity) "Sublimity raises us towards the spiritual greatness of god." -Longinus

"Sublime" refers to an aesthetic value in which the primary factor is the presence or suggestion of transcendent vastness or greatness, as of power, heroism, extent in space or time. It differs from greatness or grandeur in that these are as such capable of being completely grasped or measured. By contrast, the sublime, while in one aspect apprehended and grasped as a whole, is felt as transcending our normal standards of measurement or achievement.

What things that I've seen do I perceive to be sublime?
These are just a few things too awesome to be fully grasped... words do not do justice.
-The Grand Canyon - You've never felt small until you've stood on the edge.
-The Northern Lights - Knowing nothing about scientific causes, this is as good as magic to me.
-Sunsets - How can something this magnificent happen every single day?
-Babies - The epitome of a clean slate.

Once again, as a Romantic at heart, I feel that more simple things seem sublime to me than to others... no, I am NOT a hippie!!!


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